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What is MeroSpark?

MeroSpark is an educational website where students can get educational materials which can assist on their study. More than that, it is a community of learners, where knowledge is shared. Here you can ask the question, answer other's question and you can share your own articles. You can also buy second hands books on cheaper price or if you have any books which you are not using, you can sell it here such books. Other stuff like notices from different educational boards such as governmental notices, exam notices, and scholarship notices are published here.

MeroSpark is Free

We believe on free education and Knowledge to be shared. From the beginning when we have first started our educational website, we haven't charged a single penny from student to access any content. And we have such a plan that we are never going to make it payable. Although we need funds to continue the website, Instead of making the content to be paid to get access, we have secondary methods like advertisement and promotion of content for its funds.

History of MeroSpark

The MeroSpark today is a gradual improvement as per the requirements of users to make their user-experience best. Although it was founded in 2014, it had some years back story. First, it was started as a blog by Hari Prasad Chaudhary in 2012 AD, which was based on the Blogger platform. As it gets more popularity and student engagement we upgrade it into http://www.myhsebnotes.com in 2013, this was also on Blogger platform. This both blog provides notes for +2 students of Nepal, partially below and above it. It also gets great height and ranking in one year. After that, in 2014 we upgrade it as MeroSpark. After continuous work, We launch the completely new version in 2019-January-15 in which MeroSpark Ask, MeroSpark Deals was launched.

MeroSpark Products

Our team is working continuously to make its content accessible in every way. We worry that our user must not get missed any content, that is why we are building Applications for other platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Besides that, we are continuously working on general purpose software which can be used by either students or teacher or by any educational institution to manage their task and stuff. MeroSpark Android App has now more than 120,000+ downloads on Playstore. You can visit "Our Products" to see all the products that we have launched until today.

You can Help Us to Make MeroSpark Even Better

More than 4 peoples are working continuously on the backend to make MeroSpark more advanced and robust. But it is not enough when we do not get any support from our users and well-wishers. That is why we always seek support from our users. You can support us by contributing reference notes, answering other's question, reporting the abusing contents, or by voting the best answers MeroSpark Ask.

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