Adventures in English Volume Two – Complete Four Levels

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Adventures in English Volume two Cover PhotoUnit Wise Four Levels
Adventures in English – Moti Nissani and Shreedhar Lohani
Volume Two

Adventures in English provides a delightful alternative to traditional English-teaching texts. The selection of reading materials and the instructional activities, commentaries, short essays, audio cassettes, and appendixes which accompany them.

Between the two of them, Drs. Lohani and Nissani have published in, studied, and taught English and genetics, media studies and astronomy, psychology and philosophy, linguistics and mathematics, American literature and history, ecology and history of science, science education and interdisciplinary studies. They thus bring unusually diverse backgrounds to language instruction. In particular, Adventures in English owes much to their experiences of teaching freshman composition, English as a foreign language and literature.

Unit Wise Four Levels:

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Unit One: The Environment

Unit Two: Natural Science

Unit Three: Humor and Satire

Unit Four: Critical and Creative Thinking

Unit Five: Drama

Unit Six: Love

Unit Seven: Life and Death

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  1. Yubraj Nath Yogi
    Posted December 30, 2017 at 9:32 am

    The adventures in english is giving me lots of different knowledge

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