BBA / BIM (TU) Question Paper 2014 – Principles of Management | First SEM

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BusinessOld Question Paper 2014 – Principles of Management
BBA / BIM / First Semester / MGT 201
Tribhuvan University | Faculty of Management

Office of the Dean
Full Marks: 60 | Time: 3 hrs
Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group “A” – Brief Answer Questions: [10 X 1 = 10]

1. Outline the functions of management.
2. What are the building blocks of organizing?
3. Who are the propounders of administrative management and bureaucratic management theories?
4. Clarify the concept of delegation of authority.
5. State any four tools for planning.
6. Outline the group formation process.
7. Write the concept of organization development.
8. Give the full form of SWOT and TQM.
9. Define decoding in communication process.
10. What is staffing?

Group “B” – Short Answer Questions: [6 X 5 = 30]

11. “Managerial roles and responsibilities have been changing.”Examine the emerging challengies for management.
12. What is planning? Discuss the steps involved in the planning process.
13. What is an organization structure? Sketch the matrix organization structure and explain its’ unique features.
14. What is leadership? Explain the traits of an effective managerial leader.
15. What is communication? Explain the barriers to effective communication and suggest how the barriers can be removed?
16. What is organizational change? Explain the reasons for resistance to change.

Group “C” – Comprehensive Answer Questions: [4 X 5 = 20]

17. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The Synergy International Company dealing with electronic equipments was established 15 years ago in Putalisadak, Kathmandu. The company has expanded staidly over the years and gained name and fame as well. As a result, it has been receiving several large orders for electronic equipments and spare parts from various INGO’s, NGO’S and government agencies. Its annual turnover was around Rs. 30 million last year. It is headed by General Manager who also the Chief Executive of the company.

The company has three main divisions: manufacturing, marketing and finance each headed by a manager. Managers are engaged themselves in filing, secretarial works, mailing and reproduction functions. A junior level staff is in-charge of purchasing, receiving, storing, accounts payable, factory payroll, cost accounting and dispatching. Under the head of marketing division, there are senior office assistants in-charge of sales, advertising, credit and account receivables. Similarly, under the head of finance division, there are senior office assistants for financial accounting, taxes, government reports and office payroll functions.

The CEO of the company has recently been overwhelmed by the threats of collecting information. Whenever information is needed, several different sources are to be contacted, and much time is being wasted in finding the required information. The CEO is now being delayed of notice about ideal equipments in the office to different divisions and also in the preparation of important operating reports.

The CEO recently had a meeting with divisional managers, in-charge of manufacturing, marketing and finance and expressed his dissatisfaction. The three managers complained threat they cannot change any of their work routines and give up any of their present staffs.


a. What are the major problems in this case?
b. Do you see any principles of management that are being violated by the managers of the company? Elucidate.
c. Do you find any evidence of decentralized managerial authority? Justify.
d. Under which form of organization is the company presently operating? Which organizational structure would you suggest to the CEO of the company to overcome the existing problems?

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