BHM (TU) Question Paper 2014 – Nutrition | Second Semester

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NutritionQuestion Paper 2014 (2071)
BHM / Second Semester / BHM 352: Nutrition
Tribhuvan University – Faculty of Management
Office of the Dean

Full Marks: 80 | Time: 3 hrs | Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Attempt any EIGHT Questions: [8 X 10 = 80]

  1. How do age, sex and physiological state determine RDA of nutrient? Explain the significance of RDA.
  2. What are the functions of iodine in the human body? Give an account of IDD, its cause, symptoms, and preventions.
  3. Why is plant oil considered better in terms of health than animal fat? Explain the consequences of excess fat consumption?
  4. Differentiate between macro and micro nutrients. Classify food on the basis of different aspects.
  5. List the general functions of water. What is dehydration and how can you prevent it?
  6. What are the various enzymes involved in process of digestion of carbohydrate, fat and protein in human digestive system? How does the human body absorb and assimilate the nutrients?
  7. What are vitamins? Write down the functions, source and deficiency disorders of fat soluble vitamins.
  8. Define food composition table. Calculate the amount of lentils that provide same energy as provided by 120g milk and 65g egg.
  9. Calculate BMI of a woman who weights 65 kilograms and has the height of 5 ft. Explain obesity and its measures.
  10. Write short notes on: (any two)
    a. Factors affecting menu planning
    b. Goiter
    c. BMR

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