BIM (TU) Question Paper 2014 – Business Communication | Second SEM

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officeTribhuvan University – Faculty of Management
Office of the Dean
Old Question Paper of Business Communication
For: Second Semester (BIM) | Year: 2014 (2071)

BIM / Second Semester / MGT 204: Business Communication
Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group “A” – 1. Brief Answer Questions: [10 X 1 = 10]

a. Explain the statement: “Management functions in organization are carried out through communication”.
b. Define the term “communication” and trace its origin.
c. What does the “Filter of the Mind” include?
d. In which sense do we live in two worlds?
e. Give two extreme effects of the “Blocked Mind”.
f. Change the following sentence with camouflaged verbs into clear verb form:
The establishment of a rehabilitation center has been accomplished by the company.
g. Define sales writing. Why is it important to business communication?
h. What is hypothesis in report? Write an example of hypothesis (base your idea on any of the business situation you like).
i. Mention any three qualities of a successful interviewer.
j. How do you asses your audience while making oral presentations?

Group “B” – Attempt any Five Questions: [5 X 10 = 50]

2. Define organizational communication. Explain in detail the three broad categories of organizational communication.
3. To review your figure of the model of communication process, use any hypothetical business situation to describe it step-by-step.
4. What are the main principles of clear writing? Discuss any three of them in detail.
5. Discuss the differences between long report and short report. Make a format of a short report too.
6. How opinions, attitudes and beliefs influence the communication? Explain and illustrate the ways in which viewpoints can change communication.
7. You have accomplished Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) from Tribhuvan University recently. Your skills include database management system, programming, and software development. You also have three months of internship experience at world link to your credit. IT Park Nepal has announced vacancy for the post of an Officer in The Kathmandu Post on 25th August 2014. Draft a letter of application with curriculum vitae for the vacant post.
8. Why nonverbal communication has more to communicate in business environment? List any five types of nonverbal communication and explain them.
9. Write short notes on (any two):

a. Techniques of emphasis in correspondence
b. Sense perception
c. Guidelines for the interviewee
d. Proxemics

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