B.Sc.Ag. (TU) Question Paper 2070 – Environmental Science & Agroecology | 3rd Semester

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Farming in MyanmarOld Question Paper for B.Sc. Ag. – Final Examination
Subject: Environmental Science and Agroecology
Tribhuvan University (TU)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS)

Level: B.Sc. Ag 3rd Semester | Year: 2070(2013)
Full Marks: 40 | Pass Marks: 16 | Time: 2 hrs

Long Questions: [1 X 10 = 10]

1. Why is climate change known as contemporary issue of global world? Explain. Elaborate its impacts on agriculture with some adaptation examples.

Short type questions: (Answer any Ten questions) [10 X 3 = 30]

2. How are human and environmental interrelated? Show their synergetic relations.
3. Why is agro ecosystem also known as human engineered ecosystem? Explain.
4. What do you understand by farm house ecology? Show the interrelationship among its components.
5. What are POPs? Discuss about pesticide misuse.
6. Why is EIA needed? What are its guiding principles?
7. How does interaction of crops with weeds and insects take place?
8. Define people’s participation. Discuss the different types of people’s participation.
9. What are the strategies to be followed for social stability? Explain.
10. Enlist the goals for sustainable production syste,. Compare among natural, conventional and sustainable agro ecosystem.
11. How is the analysis of sustainable farming system done? Discuss.
12. Write short notes on (any three):

a. IPM
b. Type of competition by mechanism
c. Monitoring
d. Applied ecology

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