Business Communication – Model Question Paper (TU) | BBS Second Year

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Business CommunicationTribhuvan University (TU) | Faculty of Management
MGT 205: Business Communication – Model Question Paper
For: BBS Second Year

Candidates are expected to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 35 | Time: 3 hours

Answer all the questions.
Answer any TWO of the following: [15 marks each]

(a) Think about your country over the past five years, what it is like now, and how it might change
in the next five years. Include the following topics in your essay.

  • lifestyles and the standard of living
  • the economy
  • the government
  • relations with other countries

(b) Report the various stages of a labour dispute, from early discontent through to a satisfactory solution.
(c) Write, giving reasons, what would you do in the following situation? You have a brilliant idea which you tell your colleagues. One of these colleagues presents your idea to your boss without acknowledging that it was your idea.
Give instructions for someone who is going to look after your garden or your pet. The instructions and explanations should be clear and simple, and they should take into account different circumstances that might arise. Also write a suitable introduction and a suitable conclusion.

Answer any FIVE of the following: [10 marks each]

(a) Write about a supermarket that you know well. Include some facts about the company, and details of any recent trends and changes.
(b) Rewrite these sentences to make them more concise:

i. It is necessary that you take every precaution when preparing to bungee jumping.
ii. An examination of the accident area was made by the police.
iii. It is not impossible that he could have done it.
iv. Helping the reader to understand what has been written is basically pretty important.
v. Achieving a high level of precision when writing is a skill that takes time to acquire.

(c) How far do differences in behaviour relate to national characteristics?
(d) Write a letter to your friend explaining why you and your family cannot accept an invitation.
(e) Write a paragraph on how to make coffee or tea.
(f) Write a memo to all the staff of a large company, suggesting ways of economizing on the use of paper and electricity in the office.

Answer any TEN of the following: [2 marks each]

(a) Complete the sentences:

i. If it hadn’t rained, more people ___.
ii. If you work hard, you ___ a promotion.

(b) Write two sentences expressing appreciation.
(c) Complete the sentences using appropriate linking words:

i. You could pay by direct debit. ___ the payment can be made by cash.
ii. It is six weeks since we put in our order. ___ we receive the goods by the end of this week, we will be forced to cancel.

(d) Complete the sentences with one of the words in brackets:

i. Could you tell me how to get to your office? (actually, possibly)
ii. I wanted to ask you a couple of things. (just, possibly)

(e) Match the words brand and image with the definitions below:

i. A type of product or groups of products sold using a particular name, which is often the name of the company that produces them.
ii. The impression that a person, an organization, or a product, etc. gives to other people or to the public.

(f) Decide which countries you are going to be visiting and write down the itinerary/schedule for the week.
(g) Change the following into reported speech: ‘You walk straight down this road until you get to a big church on the left,’ said Angela. ‘Then you turn right, walk along for about a hundred yards, and you’ll see the post office on the left.’
(h) Put in an apostrophe where one is necessary in the following sentences:

i. Johns brothers wife went to the grocers for us.
ii. This car cant be my parents because theirs is quite old.

(i) Put an appropriate word or phrase in the following sentences to bring out the relationship between the parts:

i. Late at night buses and trains can be dangerous. ___, if you want to avoid trouble, take a taxi.
ii. The tour will include visits to several places of interest, ___, the Patan Museum and the Krishna Temple.

(j) Put the following sentences in the right order:

i. To start with, make sure that everything is switched off.
ii. It is also a good idea at this point to check that the gas cylinder isn’t empty
iii. Lighting a calor gas heater is easy and safe if you follow these simple instructions.
iv. Now, turn the tap on the top of the gas cylinder to ON.

(k) Suggest suitable punctuation for the following sentences

i. The garden was decorated with coloured lamps the house itself was adorned with paper chains.
ii. They made two important decisions the oldest houses would be pulled down the more recent ones would be repaired

(l) Complete the following passage using the words and phrases given:

(1)___ the film we meet a young man who is obviously unhappy. We follow the man through various experiences which gradually change his picture of himself, although (2) ___ they do not make him happier. But (3) ___, he meets a young girl, and he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happens right (4) ___ because I fell asleep before it finished.

(1) In the beginning of, First in, At the beginning of
(2) firstly, at the beginning, at first
(3) at the end, lastly, at last
(4) at last, finally, at the end

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