Business Mathematics – Syllabus | BBA (Pokhara Univeristy) First Semester

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Business MathematicsPokhara University
Syllabus of “Business Mathematics – I”
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
For: First Year | First Semester
MTH 101.3 | Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:
This course aims to provide introductory understanding of the various mathematical tools used in business applications.

Course Contents:

  1. Basic Arithmetic and Algebraic Skills: 8 hours
    Manipulation of exponents (law of indices), Solving linear simultaneous equation (up to 3 variables), Simple logarithmic calculation, Compound interest, Compound depreciation, Annuities, Permutation and combination
  2. Set Theory and Real Number System: 8 hours
    Types of set, Venn diagram, Set operations, Number of elements in a set, Applications, Real number system. Open and closed intervals, Absolute value, Linear inequalities and their graphs
  3. Functions and Graphs: 10 hours
    Definition of function, Injective, surjective and bijective functions, Inverse function, Linear, Quadratic and Polynomial functions, Exponential and logarithmic functions, Trigonometric functions, Graphs and applications of each type of functions
  4. Limit and Continuity: 6 hours
    Sequence, Limit of a sequence, Limit of function, Continuity and discontinuity of function
  5. Differentiation: 9 hours
    Definition of derivative, Techniques of differentiation, Derivative of algebraic, exponential, logarithmic and simple trigonometric functions, Higher order derivatives, Maxima and Minima of function of one variable. Applications related to rate measures
  6. Polynomial and Quadratic Equation: 7 hours
    Polynomial and polynomial equation, Factor and remainder theorem, Fundamental theorem of algebra (without proof), Number of roots of a polynomial equation, Quadratic equation, Nature of roots, Relation between roots and coefficients, Formation of a quadratic equation with given roots

Text Book:

  1. Budnick, Frank S.: Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics and the Social Sciences, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Reference Books:

  1. Goldstein Larry J., David C. Lay and David I. Schneider: Calculus and its Applications, Prentice Hall.
  2. Bajracharya, Bhanu C.: Business Mathematics, M.K Publishers& Distributors.
  3. Bajracharya D.R., et all: Basic Mathmetics-1, Sukunda Pustak Bhawan (For unit 6)
  4. Shrestha and Thakurathi: Applied Mathematics, Buddha Academic Enterprises

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