English – BBA / BCIS / BCA / BHM (PU) Question Paper 2014 | First SEM

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English LiteraturePokhara University (PU) | Old is Gold
Programme: BBA / BBA-BI / BCIS / BCA / BHCM / BHM / BBA-TT
Course: English | Level: Bachelor

Year: 2014 | Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 45 | Time: 3 Hrs
Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable. The Figures in the margin indicate full marks.

1. ‘Marriage is Private Affair‘ revolves around the conflict between Nnaemeka and his father. [15]

a) Describe this conflict
b) Explain the reason for this conflict
c) Is this conflict ever resolved?
d) Relate a similar conflict from your own life-with a friend, child or parent. Model your account after that of Achebe’s.
Apply the four levels of interacting with texts to ‘If Not Higher’ by I.L. Peretz [15]

2. Do you advocate for team playing or centralized governance in workplaces? Which approach is beneficial in term of prevailing corporate culture in Nepal? Adequately support your claim.
You have been assigned to conduct a feasibility study for recommending an ideal site for a newly proposed branch of a commercial bank. Make a list of criteria you would advise and explain why each criterion is important in your views.

3. Answer any five of the following: [5 X 10]

a. Summarize the story ‘The Library Card’ by Richard Wright in a paragraph.
b. Compare any two competing products / Services and establish which one is worth of buying in terms of certain features.
c. What new technology have you been using in your private or professional life? How does it help in increasing your efficiency?
d. What are the advantages of using audio visual media like television in teaching learning activities?
e. Why are the Yanomamo males called the most savage among existing human race?
f. Give an account of the company where you work and its products or services.

4. Give brief and pertinent answer to any five of the following: [2 X 5 = 10]

a) How does speaker become nostalgic in the poem ‘Piano’?
b) Write a conversation between A and B for the given situation:
A can’t operate an office gadget, therefore shares the problem with B.
B offers help instructing how to use the gadget.
c) Think of a job you would like to do in future. Mention some skills, qualification and qualities needed for such job.
d) Talk about your schedule for this week.
e) What is the main idea of the story ‘A Fight between a Lion and a Crocodile’?
f) ‘A parrot called a bird, a twice born child…’Explain.

5. Complete this email using the past simple form of the verbs in brackets: [4]

Hi! Timo
I’m back from the trip. It was great. We _______ (fly) with United Airlines in Business Class. Julio ________ (meet) us at the airport when we arrived. We ____________ (spend) two weeks visiting customers which was very interesting. Then we ______________ (have) a short holiday and _____________ (do) some sightseeing. We _________ (not see) Heike unfortunately – we ___________ (leave) before she _________ (come) back from her holiday. Anyway can you tell me what happened in the company in the last three weeks?


6. Rewrite the sentences correcting the mistakes. [4]

a. easyJet is often more cheap than British Airways.
b. Vodafone offers a good service that my phone provider.
c. Our office is in a more expensive location like our competitor’s.
d. Spanish is easier to learn as Japanese.

7. Complete the following information card with needed information: [2]

a. I’m from ____________________
b. I’m _________________________
c. I’m a / an ___________________
d. My company is _______________

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