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The Making of A Scientist – Four Levels of Interactions
For: BA / BBS First Year
V.S. Ramachandran, India (1951)

Literal Comprehension: V.S. Ramchandra’s essay of “The making of a Scientist” deals with his personal expression about science, how and why did he study science and its consequences. He also thins study and companionship with a nature is must because nature is the sole source of all things and science deals with those things. He also says thinks that contradictory ideas are necessary to make a child a successful person; his mind should be filled with many such ideas; only simple and straight ideas cannot make a person curious. Therefore, the writer was interested in many subjects like history, botany and so many other subjects. The modern technology and methodology and equipment also cannot give good results because they are not used properly in this scientific field it is possible to ask very simple questions and to get amazing answers. He thinks neurology very much interesting and challenging subject and selects to study human beings. He wants to enjoy his work and inspire other people. Ones who works in any field with a fun and interest or curiosity can be famous and success person.

Interpretation: This essay is slightly difficult to understand through simple reading. It is an expressive essay and here the writer has put his ideas and feelings or his story of success as a scientist. It is trying to tell us the importance of science and scientific research. It also focuses on multi disciplinary study to be a successful scientist. It also highlights on the necessity of regular effort, curiosity and interest of many things to find out a new theory or to complete a new research. Any job we should do with the point of view of fun and fame as well as happiness that profit minded job.

Critical Thinking: This essay is a complex one with an expressive idea. I think for the students of Business Studies in bachelor level, it keeps so great value. It most suits for the students of science faculty because they can have good message to study science. Though any faculty needs multi-dimensional knowledge to be talent, wise and expert, this essay more suits for those students who are going to study science. They can be motivated towards science than these students of BBS. It creates some questions to me. How can it encourage and raise curiosity in them to be a scientist? Can the student of BBS be scientists or does it help them to be a successful business person?

Assimilation: This essay encourage me to be regular, curious of different things and labour hard to be success in life. It also taught some important things. We can be successful if we have too much interest and fun rather think as a burden in the things that we do. I also got how inspiration to be a scientist and to create a world of my own. It inspired me to be a multi-talent to have a complete idea about anything. Like the writer, I also like to study different subjects and keep interest on different fields but it is not possible to me become a scientist because I have only curiosity and interest but no opportunity, equipment and time to do a research. Therefore, all persons though have curiosity and interest cannot be scientist.

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