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Then And Now: Finding My Voice
Four Levels of Interactions
For: BA / BBS First year (Business English)
Elaine H. Kim, Korea (1961)

Literal Comprehension: Elaine H. Kin a Korean writer used to believe in fortune-telling. Once as a fortune-teller said that during her teenage, her life’s visions and ideas were developed, she thought it was not right because it was the most difficult and irritation period in her life. This was also the period of Korean War. Many Korean refugees took shelter in her home in America. It was the period of violence and discrimination in America. African Americans were discriminated and arrested. Asian Americans were also discriminated because they could not live in the hotel and public places. Kim was treated as foreigner though she was born in America. She worked hard to become popular. But after being selected as cheerleader she remained with the popular girls. She got inter-cultural influence for her eyes and hairs etc. She studied the history of racism, discrimination between the Whites and Blacks and the Korean War. Therefore, she decided to fight against racism and discrimination. She wrote many articles and edited many books written on the behalf of women and their voice.

Interpretation: As a cross-cultural article of studying different types of people and their culture, this essay also has emphasized on cultural impacts and differences. To believe a fortuneteller for a young and immature is not so easy but when we become mature and face many ups and downs in life then we say that it was true.  This essay tries to tell us about experience living as a foreigner. It also says that one must be aware of one’s own culture. It is difficult to live as a marginalized group. The writer during her teenage wanted to change her identity. She wished that she had been a white Americans. She did not like her eyes and hair. But now she loves her culture and identity. This essay shows the problem of culturally different people, she likes to raise voice against discrimination among people on the basis of religion, status, caste, sex etc.

Critical Thinking: This world is a complex of many different cultures, religions, castes and tribes of people. There are discrimination, problems, war, chaos, injustices, struggle between people of different caste, religions, sex, ethnicity etc. This essay has presented on of such condition of the minorities Asians in the U.S.A. This essay has raised some question like – Why are the blacks discriminated in the USA? Why do the white Americans behave rudely? Moreover, we can ask that is it possible to adopt other’s culture? Is it wise to hate and dominate people from other cultures? So in this essay Kim has analyzed how gender, race and economic class make an impact on personal life.

Assimilation: This essay memorized me a lot of superstitious people and fortune tellers in Nepal. In Nepal fortunetelling has become a way of earning money from illiterate and general people. They still believe on such superstitions and spend money on them. Not only in our society there are many such societies that believe on such practices. There are many problems and issues in society everywhere. There are discrimination even in the U.S.A. among different races, sexes, tribes, color, and status of people. This essay also encouraged me to stand for equality among different races. As Kim has tried to raise voice against such problems and discrimination. I also got inspired for raising voice against these.

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  1. Abhishek pandey
    Posted March 4, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Four levels are the best.But minor spelling and grammers needs corrections .
    More interesting if grammers and spellings get corrections.

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