Software Engineering – BSc.CSIT (TU) Question Paper 2071 (2014) | Sixth Semester

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Software EngineeringTribhuvan University
Institute of Science and Technology
Software Engineering – Year: 2071(2014)

Bachelor Level / Third Year / Six Semester / Science
Computer Science and Information Technology – (CSC.351)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
The questions are of equal value.

Attempt any ten questions. (10 X 6 = 60)

  1. What are the different phases in software development life cycle? Explain.
  2. Explain the software process model with example.
  3. Explain the software specification, software validation and software evolution with example.
  4. What do you mean by project management? Explain the project planning and project scheduling with example.
  5. What do you mean by software requirement? Explain the requirements engineering process with example.
  6. Define formal specification. Explain the formal specification method use in software process.
  7. Explain the software maintenance and its types.
  8. Explain the clean room software development with example.
  9. Explain the validation planning steps.
  10. Explain the security assessment.
  11. Explain the software quality standard with example.
  12. Write short notes on (any two):
    a) CASE tools
    b) Reverse Engineering
    c) Reliability validation

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