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Richard WrightAdventures In English
The Library Card – Four Levels
Richard Wright (1908-1960)
For: BBA First Year

Literal Comprehension:
One day, Richard Wright reads articles on H.L Memken. He likes the article so much that he makes up his mind to read other works of the author. With this intention, he approach one of the catholic English officer for whom he has earlier got books from the library. Mr. Falk lends him library card. Equipped with this card and forged note by Falk, Richard entered the library. The librarian looked at him doubtfully but gives him two books by Menken. Richard is pleased. He goes through Menkem prejudices and find it very interesting. He is inspired to write like the author, but realize his inability to do so. How ever, the book encourages him to read other authors who are maintained in it. As he borrows more books, his thirst for knowledge and his desire to write increases. He starts identifying himself and the others around him with the characters in the books. Unconsciously, through those books, he creates a barrier between himself and others. He also starts considering his mission in his life. But is worried about fulfilling it

This story may be trying to tell us that a strong desire is the main cause of the success. One need not go to school or colleges to educate one self. It may also be interpreted to mean that reading makes once life batter and more meaningful.

Critical Thinking:
When I read this story written by an African American writer in the beginning of the 20th century, I was socked. Was a Negro so hateful in the democracy like the USA? Was there such a great discrimination between the black and the white? Otherwise this story is excusable and inspiring.

This story has influence me a lot. I learned the way to improve the language. In order to learn English easily I must read more books in English. English grammar and dictionary will not help me very much. If I reads more and enjoy the book of the same time, my life and my knowledge of the language will be batter.

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