Why Go to University? - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

Moti Nissani

Why Go to University? - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

Why Go to University?

Literal Comprehension: “Why Go to University” is an essay by Moti Nissani. This essay gives emphasis on the importance of higher education. Education is the third eye of a human being. An uneducated person can see water in the river but an educated person can see the electricity on it. Education is the light of life. It removes darkness from the mind and fills knowledge. In this essay, Nissani talks about the importance of university education.

A better-educated people can get a better job more easily than the less educated person. He can earn more income and maintain a good living standard. He can live a happy and comfortable life. Not only that educated people are the manpower of the nation and they can make a country also rich by utilizing the natural resources.

Education provides us knowledge and knowledge is power. An educated person is likely to resolve the difficulties and conflicts in a rational manner. Educated people are wise, tolerant, and they also realize their mistakes. Educated people take better care of their health. They are more likely to enjoy better health than tycoons. They know the disadvantages of smoking, fatness, tension, lack of exercise, imbalanced food, unhygienic atmosphere, overeating, stale food, and air, etc. they try to stay far from these health problems.

Educated people are also aware of the benefit of physical exercise. They well know the proverb’ sound mind in a sound body’. So they do regular exercise and try to keep them always feet and strong. One survey shows that educated men and women are valued and respected in society. A man might be a handsome, kind, strong, brave, hero, etc. he would still be considered in some ways deficient. The lack of education damages his life. But the better-educated person is the better he feels about himself.

Educated people are curious about the new thing and new places. They are a lover of knowledge and civilized and well cultured. They take knowledge; reward and they feel comfortable from their living. Going to University expands our social horizons. We meet new people, make new friends and share new experiences. Education also helps with friendship and personal growth. Education increases our personal freedom. Educated people are less dogmatic. They don’t hesitate to fight and die if anyone tries to grab their rights and freedom.

Educated people have also knowledge of the universe. Today modern people believe that the earth moves and the sun are still. Education and democracy are closely related. Democracy flourishes only in an educated society. It doesn’t exist if people are ignorant and selfish. So education is supremely important and valuable.


This essay may be trying to show the value of education. It shows that education is very important. The writer also says that University education is very necessary to live happy, comfortable and meaningful; life. It fulfills our desire for learning and quenches the thirst of knowledge. It also helps for career development and also for the development of citizens, society and country.

Critical thinking:

This essay is very much impressive because education is considered supremely valuable. However, I do not agree with a few ideas of the writer. Is only formal education important?  Can’t we become educated through informal education? Do all the educated people respected as much as a rich businessman and powerful politicians? So I don’t agree with the writer.


This essay impressed me very much. Before reading this story, I don’t know the value of formal education and University degree. But this essay inspired me to study well to take a university degree. Now, I have decided to become a scholar to have comfortable through learning.

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