A Fight Between a Lion And a Crocodile - Four Levels | Adventure In English


A Fight Between a Lion And a Crocodile - Four Levels | Adventure In English

A Fight Between a Lion And a Crocodile

Literal Comprehension:
It was late evening. The narrator and his friend being to sleep drowsily on the bank of the river. They could hear a different kind of roaring sound. Job told them to look to the water toward them. They sow the lion’s signing eyes as one of was 15 feet away. Leo fired at the lions and she died. A fully grown male was to step behind her. Suddenly there was a rush and disturbance of the water. The lion uttered a roar. A crocodile had cut him by the leg. The lion pulls the crocodile on to the bank and clawed its head, and one of its eyes turned. Both of them were struggling fiercely. The lion’s body up to the hive was in the crocodile’s jaws. The lion clawed the crocodile’s throat apart. The lion felt on the crocodile’s back and died. After a while, the crocodile also died.

This story might be trying to tell us that there are many more wonderful things in the world of nature. All living things are closely related to their environment and are equally important in their own place. The lion is the king of the jungle, but the crocodile can defeat him in the water, which is not the kingdom of the lion.

Critical Thinking:
There are many things in the story, which seem unbelievable. How can people try to fall as sleep when they hear the rearing sound? How can people feel safe in such a place? Can is a crocodile strong enough to grip a lion? Since this story seems to be realistic, we have to accept many things without questions.

After reading this story I am fully convinced that all animals are equally important in the ecosystem. Every animal has its importance in its own place. But if it goes to the place to other animals, it will be defeated. Therefore every living thing identifies its habit act and lives accordingly.

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