Arranging a Marriage In India - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

Serena Nanda

Arranging a Marriage In India - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

Arranging a Marriage In India

Literal Comprehension: In this essay, Serena Nanda discusses the marriage process practiced in India. In India arranged marriages are practiced than other types of marriages. Family members, especially parents are much concerned with the individuals being married. Parents choose a partner of their son or daughter. They have to go through a long process in finding a suitable marriage partner for their son and daughter. They consider the person’s personality, color, character, education, social class, and many more things; they try to find out a suitable person from the same culture also. Personal choice is also a part of if arranging a marriage. The bride and groom can meet shortly before marriage. There is also a matchmaking process in India to find out match able person. The writer visits many times India and she has made many friends there. She did study as a project work there and tried to find a good match for her friend’s son. She enjoyed attending a marriage ceremony and being a matchmaker too. As she used to think marriage like in American and European countries, she found very difficult in India.

Interpretation: This essay is concerned about culture variation between American and Indian societies. In this essay, the writer presents an account of the processes of the arranged marriage in India. An arranged marriage is not practiced in western American society. According to the Americans, marriage becomes successful with love not with other matters. This essay shows the culture and the importance of the arranged marriage of India. In India, parents choose the partner of their child.  They are not free to choose their own marriage partner themselves. Although it is odd and strange for Americans, it is cultural and social norms and value of Indian people.

Critical Thinking: This essay is a detail of the process of finding a suitable girl for a boy to marry. It is written by an American woman from the point of view of the western eye about eastern culture. It is written about eastern society from the point of view of western people. Arranged marriage for westerns looks different from their point of view but it is very common in eastern societies. Marriage is a social practice so people may feel different about any social phenomena that come from different society. Any new matchmaker cannot do his her job, who is from different society. We depend on our relatives who know everything about families. In India, parents are much involved in the marriage but they never allow their children to take a divorce. They are not free for love marriage like in western societies.

Assimilation: Cultural study of different societies is very interesting for me also. It gives great pleasure to the students or researchers. As I also like such marriage are arranged differently according to different castes, religions and cultures are arranged differently according to different castes, religions and cultural groups. I also knew this that most eastern or Indian and Nepali people like arranged marriage and western like love marriage. I also believe in an arranged marriage because I have seen many failures love marriages and successfull arrange marriages too. In the essay, the feeling of Sita is quite reasonable and convincing. In India and in Nepal, the parents look for the appropriate man or woman for their son and daughter. This is durable and practical also though it is difficult to find a match.

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