Importance And Current Situation of Forest Resource In Nepal - Economics Notes Grade XI

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Importance And Current Situation of Forest Resource In Nepal - Economics Notes Grade XI

Importance And Current Situation of Forest Resource In Nepal

Role or Importance of Forest Resource in Nepal:
The proverb ‘Green forest is the wealth of Nepal’ shows the forest resources have an important resource in Nepal. It helps to fulfill the needs of human life and to accelerate economic development. It also helps to maintain the environmental balance. The role of forest resource in economic development can be explained as follows:

1. The main source of energy
Firewood is the best alternative source of energy in Nepal, especially it is important for the ruler area of Nepal. Firewood fulfills 75 % of the total energy demand of Nepal.

2. Source of raw materials
Most of the industries in Nepal are based on forest-based industries. The industries which make paper, rubber, furniture, gum, etc. use forest products as their raw materials.

3. Preservation of wildlife
Forest management can preserve wildlife such as leopard, panda, etc. The preservation of wildlife helps to maintain ecological balance.

4. Source of fodder
Forest is used as grazing ground for cattle. It provides grass for cows, buffalo, sheep, etc. Hence, it provides essential fodder for cattle.

5. Development of the tourism industry
The beautiful scenery of the forest, rare and attractive wild animals and birds, etc. are the attraction for the tourists. If forest resources can be developed and saved, the number of tourists can be increased. As a result, the tourism industry can be developed.

6. Source of foreign currency
The forest product has been the source of foreign currency earning. The forest products like timbers, medical herbs, furniture, paper, wooden handicraft can be exported to foreign countries to earn foreign currencies.

There are other roles of forest resources such as a source of water, increase in employment, helpful in rainfall prevents landslide.

Current Situation of Forest Resources: 
The current situation of forest resource in Nepal is critical. The forest resource which was considered as the wealth of Nepal before some years is rapidly destructing and reaching at the stage of disappearance due to the rapid increase of population and other various causes. 45 % of the land area should be covered with forest for ecological balance.

Year of estimation Area covered by forest (%)
2021 B.S. 45.6
2036 B.S. 43.0
2042 B.S. 37.4
2055 B.S. 29.0
2065 B.S. 29.0
2067 B.S. 39.6
Annual deforestation rate (Terai region only) 1.3

Source: 11th plan, NPC (2064-2067)

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