Means of Communication - Current Situation | Economics Notes Grade XI

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Means of Communication - Current Situation | Economics Notes Grade XI

Means of Communication – Current Situation

The present age is the age of information and communication plays a vital role in conveying information and knowledge. There are two ways of communication. On is personal communication like postal service, telephone, etc. and the other is mass communication like radio, television, newspaper, etc. The important means of communication are as follows:

1. Postal service:
Postal service is one of the traditional means of communication in Nepal. The postal service started in Nepal in 18\9 A.D. several postmen have been appointed to handle the postal deliveries. Internal as well as external postal services are operated by Hulak goshwara. There are altogether 2,991 post offices. Fast express mail services have also stated in 37 foreign countries by private as well as government sector.

2. Telecommunication service:
This service is the fastest and easiest means of communication. Telecommunication service was established in 2016 B.S. in Nepal. Now, there has been good progress in developing telecommunication service in both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Now all 75 districts have access to telecommunication service in Nepal. At present Nepal Telecom, Ncell, UTL is providing telecommunication service in Nepal.

3. Radio broadcasting service:
It is one of the most important means of mass communication radio broadcasting services was established with the establishment of Radio Nepal in 2007 B.S. Radio broadcasting through frequency modulation has been stated since 1995/1996 A.D. Now radio Nepal has provided all 75 district radio facilities through different programmes through a different language. At present, there are 373 incensed radio channels by the private sectors in different parts of the country out of which 317 such stations are now in operation.

4. Television telecasting service:
Television telecasting service is an important effective and live medium of mass communication. It was started with the establishment of Nepal Television in 2042 B.S. Nepal Television (NTV) is also running its branch channel NTV 2. At present, there are altogether 32 television channels issued for operations but only 11 T.V. channels are in operations.

5. Press media:
Newspapers are also an effective medium of mass communication. People can get real recent information about the events happening within and out of the country. At present, the no. of newspapers registers in various districts in Nepal has reached 5648. Similarly, internet news service is also available by various newspapers and other press media.

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