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Statistics: Sources of Secondary Data

Sources of Secondary Data:
Secondary data can be obtained from two sources. They are:


1. Published sources.
Published can be categorized into the following chart:


2. Unpublished sources:
All information may not be published but they may be suitable for the purpose of investigation. The sources of unpublished data are:

a) Reports of a private office.
b) Hospital records.
c) Records of VDCs.
d) Records of schools and campus administration
e) Thesis, field reports, etc. of University students.

Problems in Secondary Data Collection:

  1. Necessary information may not be published during the period of investigation.
  2. The data obtained from secondary sources may not be suitable for a further research study.
  3. The data obtained from the secondary source may not be adequate for the purpose of finding the solution of research problems.
  4. The data obtained from secondary sources may not be reliable due to the limitations of primary data.