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Advantages of Diagrams and Graphs : Statistics

Advantages of Diagrams and Graphs
The following are the advantages of diagrams and graphs:

  • Diagram gives an alternative and elegant presentation: Diagrammatic presentations of the data directly attract people, give delight to the eye and add to the statistics.
  • Diagrams leave good visual impact: The visual impact of the diagram stresses the mind of the people to think about the situation of the statistics.
  • They facilitate comparison: It makes easy to compare the data by visualizing the fact in front of the observer.
  • Saves time: Diagrams present the set of data in such a way that their significance known without loss of much time.
  • Diagrams simplify complexity and depict the characteristics of the data in a simple manner.
  • Graphs reveal the trend of the data series which is helpful for simple forecasting.

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