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Sub-Divided or Component Bar Diagram - Economics Notes Grade XI

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Sub-Divided or Component Bar Diagram - Economics Notes Grade XI

Sub-Divided or Component Bar Diagram

Sub-Divided or Component bar Diagram
Simple bar diagram represents only one characteristic and it is unable to present the components of the variable. Sub-divided bar diagrams can be represented as more components of the variable. In general sub-divided bar, diagrams are to be used if the total magnitude of the given variable is to be divided into various parts. For example, the total number of students in a college can be divided by faculty, sex, etc.

Represent the following data of the consumption and saving pattern of the families by sub-divided bar diagram.


  Family A Family B
Consumption (Rs.)
Saving (Rs.)
 Total Income (Rs.) 300 390

Above diagram is the example of Sub-Divided or Component Bar Diagram.

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