Value of ‘g’ at Pole – Viva Voice Questions Answer | Physics Class 11

Viva Voice Questions

Value of ‘g’ at Pole – Viva Voice Questions Answer | Physics Class 11

Value of ‘g’ at Pole – Viva Voice Questions

Practical Exam
Value of ‘g’ at Pole – Viva Voice Question With Answer
For: Science Class 11 | Physics

Q.1: Define the term free fall.
Ans. It is the fall of body from certain height toward the earth under the action of gravity.

Q.2: Why is the free fall method so called?
Ans. It is called free fall method because to find out the value of g we use the relation = g 32 h/T2, which holds only for a body falling freely from rest under the action of gravity and in this method metallic bob fulfills this requirement.

Q.3: What kind of motion is executed by the bar?
Ans. The motion of bar is simple harmonic motion.

Q.4: Why do we take one-fourth of the time period of the bar as time of free fall?
Ans. It is because the metallic bob travels the vertical distance in the time the bar completes one fourth of its oscillation.

Q.5: Define time period of a bar.
Ans. The time taken by the bar to execute one complete oscillation is called the time period of the bar.

Q.6: How does the mass of bob affect the value of g in the experiment?
Ans. As the value of g is independent of the mass of a falling body, so the value of g will not change if we change the mass of bob.

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