Resonance Tube – Viva Voice Questions With Answer | Physics Class 11

Viva Voice Questions

Resonance Tube – Viva Voice Questions With Answer | Physics Class 11

Resonance Tube – Viva Voice Questions

Practical Exam | Viva Voice
Resonance Tube
For: Science Class 11 | Physics

Q.1: What type of waves are produced in the air column?
Ans. Longitudinal or compressional stationary waves.

Q.2: An open end is a node or antinode?
Ans. An antinode.

Q.3: Is there a node or antinode at the close end of water level?
Ans. A node.

Q.4: Where resonance is produced?
Ans. In the air column.

Q.5: Can you call it an organ pipe?
Ans. Yes, a closed organ pipe.

Q.6: What is an organ pipe?
Ans. The organ pipes are wind pipes in which the air column resonates.

Q.7: What is sound?
Ans. Physically the compressional waves produced in a material medium. Psychologically the sensation or hearing produced in the brain.

Q.8: What is the relation between the velocity of sound and the temperature?
Ans. V α √ T  | For 1oC rise of temperature the velocity of sound increases by 0.6 m/s.

QA.9: What is meant by end-correction?

Ans. The distance between the open of the tube and the antinode at the position of tunning fork.

Q.10: How can you find the end correction (E)?
Ans. By using the relation  E = 0.3 d | Where d is the internal diameter of the tube.

Q.11: What is the fundamental frequency (υ)?
Ans. The minimum frequency that can produce resonance.

Q.12: What are harmonies or overtones?
Ans. The multiples of fundamental frequency (υ1) that can produce resonance. In a closed organ pipe or resonance tube the overtones are 3υ1, 5υ1, 7υ1, 9υ1, ……………. or  odd integral multiple of fundamental frequency.

Q.13: Define time period.
Ans. It is the time required to complete one vibration or oscillation. It is reciprocal of frequency and measured in seconds.

Q.14: What is resonance?
Ans. Resonance is a phenomenon in which there is a marked increase in the amplitude of a vibrating, body by the influence of a second vibrating body having the same time period as the first.

Q.15: What is an echo?
Ans. Echo is the effect produced when sound wave is reflected on striking a solid obstacle like wall or rock.

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