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Patriotism - Essay | Free Writing

Patriotism - Essay | Free Writing

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Patriotism is the love of one’s own country. It’s a noble virtue that inspires one to sacrifice anything for the welfare of nation. A true patriot values his motherland like in proverb ‘Mother and Motherland are even greater than heaven’. We are here only because our motherland is here.

We need to be aware of blind patriotism. That can cause war. World War II began with Hitler’s boastful patriotism. War generally generate from similar sentiment. Humanism should always be kept above patriotism. A bigoted patriotism is likely to make a man unjust, unfair and inaccurate of other people.

For Mahatma Gandhi, patriotism is good but it must not suppress the feeling of universal love for all humanity. Patriotism should be full of love and responsibility and free from boastfulness.

Our historic warrior Amar Singh Thapa, the martyr Dasharath Chand and other national figures are some of the true patriots. A true patriot is immortal even after his or her physical death. They are pride of nation. One with no feeling of patriotism may fail to serve his or her country even when she is in urgent need.

Patriotism does not lie in the feeling that our country is the best. We must love our country, but at the same time we must respect others.

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