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An Ideal Citizen - Essay | Free Writing

An Ideal Citizen - Essay | Free Writing

SEE Examination Notes | Essay on “An Ideal Citizen” | Free Writing | For Class 10

People who have the legal rights to live in a particular country are its citizens. If all of them are citizens, what type of person is called an ideal citizen? An ideal citizen is a citizen that has some distinguished qualities that make him different from others.

First of all, an ideal citizen is more importantly a true human being. He has great respect for all religions, his society, his neighbours, his family, and for oneself. He is honest and does not believe in discrimination and traditional beliefs. He treats others accepting them as human beings, irrespective of their religions, casts, countries, sex and colour.

Moreover, an ideal citizen has three basic duties to himself. The first is to acquire the best possible education. The second duty is the ability to write to his local council about a social problem, or to express a political view in a letter to the newspaper. The third duty is the ability to work hard and intelligently. Hard work has a good formative value on character as well as being the essential factor in personal success.

Another important quality is an ideal citizen is that he must respect the law of the land in which he lives. Democracy is based on the rule of law but can only be maintained if there is a vast majority of law-abiding citizens. An ideal citizen pays his taxes regularly and detests such practices as corruption, smuggling, terrorism, black-marketing, etc.

Finally, an ideal citizen has an undoubted responsibility to his country. He considers his country above his personal interest. He is a true patriot. He lives and dies for the country. As our country is passing through a difficult period of struggle, it does not seem to have a high percentage of ideal citizens.

To sum up, all the citizens of a country should be ideal . For that, we must try to obtain all the qualities an ideal citizen possesses. Only then our society and nation could reach the zenith of glory.

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