Importance of Extra Curricular Activities - Essay | Free Writing

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Importance of Extra Curricular Activities - Essay | Free Writing

Importance of Extra Curricular Activities - Essay | Free Writing

SEE Examination Notes | Essay on “Importance of Extra Curricular Activities” | Free Writing | For: Class 10

The students of some schools are far better than other schools. There might be many other reasons behind it, but the most important reason is ‘the extra curricular activities’ performed in schools.

For the all round development of a student only the course books and class room teaching are not enough. They must be involved in extra curricular activities. These may include games, quiz contests, spelling contests, dancing, singing, oratory contests, drawing, writing poems, stories, essays, etc. Games help them develop physically and other activities broaden their mind.

Educating student doesn’t only mean to teach each and every line of textbooks and solve mathematical problems. To educate means, to develop the inherent capacity of the students. For this purpose we should give them chances to take part in the activities of their interest. How can we find out which student has the potentiality to become a singer until we give him/ her chances?

It is human nature that everyone likes to win and do things better than others. A student who is weak at theoretical study can be brilliant at other extra curricular activities. If we give students chances to take part in these activities, they will not fall into bad company. Rather, they will use their free time in creative works.

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