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Education for Girls - Essay | Free Writing

Education for Girls - Essay | Free Writing

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Education is the light of life. It cultivates life. It makes people social and civilized. It gives us knowledge, skills and techniques to apply in our practical field. It gives us ideas to do things in different places. It gives us ideas to find out the right and wrong, good and bad, etc. The next thing it gives us is the sense of responsibility. We can’t do anything until we are responsible.

The number of girls nearly makes half of the human population. To leave the girls uneducated means to make half of the people uneducated. The girls of today are the mothers of tomorrow. It is said mother is the first teacher and home is the first school of a child. Now, we can realize what the children of an uneducated mother will be like. If a man is educated, only he is educated, but if a woman is educated the whole family is educated. We must educate mothers to educate children. Only then we can educate the family. Gradually, we can educate the locality, society and then the whole country.

Men and women are like two wheels of a cart. If one wheel of the cart is broken, how can the cart go ahead? In the same way, if women remain uneducated, unskilled or ignorant, how can we develop our society? How can our cart of civilization and progress go ahead? It is also necessary to educate girls because uneducated ladies cannot be the life partners of educated men. If one is educated and the other is not they won’t have good understanding and co-operation.

Educated women are not inferior to men. If they get chance, they can do as good as men. Therefore, for the all-round development of a country, girl education should be given a good priority.

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