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Modern Inventions - Essay | Free Writing

Modern Inventions - Essay | Free Writing

SEE Examination Notes | Essay on “Modern Inventions” – Free Writing | For: Class 10

This is 21st century. This is the age of science and technology. Our lives have been drastically changed during these few years because of science and technology. Now we can live in a warm place in a cold season, in the same way we can cool the hot rooms and live in a temperature of our need.

People in Kathmandu are consuming the things produced in Moscow, Beijing or any other places of the world. We can even eat a readymade item made in foreign countries as fresh as we have just made. We can talk to people living in any place of the world in a few seconds with the scene as if we are talking face to face. If any event happens in any corner of the world, it spreads all over the world with sound and picture in a second.

These are all because of revolution in science and technology. The inventions made in the transport sector brought a great change in our lives. They added comforts and made people dream of other new things. The next great invention is the electricity which added unexpected facilities to the people. After this the invention of computers brought further more wonders to us. Sometimes it seems a magic to see the effects of these inventions.

It’s true we have got so much change in human life. But we have been dependent on the inventions. We cannot do even very easy things ourselves. Students use calculator machine to add 5 and 3. Our food may not be prepared if electric power supply is cut. If we have to go o a local market, we need a bike or at least a bicycle, we can hear the news everyday. No news is heard where there is no accident, plane crash, murder etc. Anyway, we have to live in the world using these all inventions.

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