Reliability and Validity of Selection Process - Recruitment and Selection | HRM Notes

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Reliability and Validity of Selection Process - Recruitment and Selection | HRM Notes

Reliability and Validity of Selection Process

Reliability and Validity of selection process:

Selection a best suitable candidates for a job is an essential function of HR department. And, the effective selection is depends to a large degree on the basic testing concepts of validity and reliability.

Reliability: It is a test’s first major requirement and refers to its consistency. A test is said to be reliable only when the result an outcome is consistent on identical test obtained form same person at two different occasion.

Validity (legal acceptance): It measures to prove that something is true or correct. In other words, validity tells us whether the test is measuring what we think it’s supposed to be measuring.

Validity can be of following types:

  1. Content validity: Content validity means, the content of the test item correlates highly with the job content. In other words, the content that choose for data entry test is a representative sample of what the person needs to know for the job, then the test is probably content valid.
  2. Predictive validity: It means the performance of an employees or test score highly correlates with the future requirement of the job.
  3. Concurrent validity: It means, the degree to which test score correlates with job performance (i.e. those we do well in the test do well in job).
  4. Construct validity: It means the relation between the job and its score in practical aspects. In other words, the extent to which the test measures the psychological quality or quantifies the psychological aspect of an individual

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