The Brave Little Parrot - Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Source: Buddhist Legend

The Brave Little Parrot - Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

The Brave Little Parrot

Literal Comprehension: This story was written many years ago. This text was Rafe Martin’s version. Once lord Buddha was incarnated in the form of a little parrot. One stormy day, the fire spread in the forest. The animals and birds remained in the danger. The animals and birds ran here and there for the protection. The little parrot was going to the river at the time. He saw a terrible scene in the jungle. The parrot ran to the river and dived into the river. He wanted to save the animals birds. After diving, he flew over burning forest shaking his wings. Small drops of water fell down from parrot’s body but they couldn’t stop burning fire. He continued this for a long time. His eyes became red. His feet burnt but he didn’t stop his duty. The parrot tried his best to save animals and birds life. It was really a difficult task for him. The Gods were also looking at the parrot's work. The Gods were in the palace. The Gods were laughing by seeing the parrots’ work. They called the parrot foolish because the parrot was trying to put out the fire with drops of water. Then one of the God’s heart melted with pity and wanted to help the poor animals and birds which were in the danger. The kind God disguised as a golden eagle. The golden eagle told the parrot that parrot had better save his own life. The parrot said that he needed help rather than any advice. Then the eagle also felt sorry for birds and animals and tried to help like the parrot. The eagle wept and the streams of tears rolled down from his eyes. The fire extinguished. Then tears of eagle gave new life to animals, birds, grass, plant. Everything became as they were in the past. The little brave parrot also got red, green and yellow wings. Again all the birds and animals enjoyed and they saw the little brave parrot us high in the sky.

Interpretation: The little parrot works for animals and birds which were in the danger. He did his best for animals but he couldn’t stop his duty. If the parrot hadn’t done so, God wouldn’t have disguised himself as a golden eagle and wouldn’t have helped animals and birds in the jungle. This tale gives a moral lesson that we should continue our duty if we are doing well. God helps those who help others. The parrot did hard labor though his wings could carry little water. The Gods were laughing instead of helping poor little parrot and animals. This also shows that only common people help each other but not rich and high class. As parrot understood the suffering of wild animals and birds but not Gods.

Critical Thinking: This tale isn’t difficult to understand. The words are easy to understand. But ht content of this tale is difficult to believe. How tears of a bird can extinguish the fire. Nobody would believe if someone said so. Similarly, we have never seen the rebirth of anyone. I have never seen a bird heart melted with pity. This is an only religious belief.

Assimilation: By reading this tale, I was greatly impressed. I learnt that we should have pity for helpless human beings. We get satisfaction by helping others. Getting satisfaction is greater than doing hard work. The little brave parrot really got trouble but he had satisfaction in helping poor animals and birds.

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