The Great Answer - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

Fulton Oursler, USA (1893 – 1952)

The Great Answer - Four Levels | The Flax-Golden Tales

The Great Answer

Literal Comprehension: In a French village near the Spanish border, a lot of refugees had gathered. They all wanted to cross the border and sail safely to the USA. If they were cut by the Gestapo, the secret German police, they would be either impression or murdered. Among the refugees were a young mother and her 4 years old daughter. They all met at the foot of the mountain. A guide was leading them all. On the way, the weakest old man said that he was tired and unable to climb further, but he asked them to leave him there to die. However, the guide insists that the old man should keep on climbing with the child on his shoulder until he died. After these two more old men said the same thing, and they also had to carry the child. After they all had crossed the border safely the three old men felt stronger a, freer and livelier than others

Interpretation: This story might be trying to tell us that life is full of struggle and that those who worked harder even at the critical moment are sure to get success. It may also be interpreted to mean that success welcomes those who are never tired of hard labor.

Critical Thinking: This short story has beautifully presented a great answer to the riddle of life. Norman people worked hard but that work harder untiringly enjoy the fruit of hard work batter. If we read this story literally we may disagree with the writer. We wonder how the weakest and oldest man can carry the child when he himself is unable to word. But there are many moments in our lives when even young people like as feel like the three old men. The only solution to our problem at such a moment is to do like the old man.

Assimilation: This story brought a great change in my life. Now my philosophy of life has become to work untiringly. There is no limitation of age for a hard worker. If hard work tries to discourage us, we should do even harder work.

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