A Sound of Thunder – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Ray Bradbury, USA (1920 – 2012)

A Sound of Thunder – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

A Sound of Thunder

Literal Comprehension: The hunting  Safari started with hunter Eckles, a rich businessman, Travis, guide and other two persons. The Safari was for hunting a huge dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were in a Time Machine that would give them the information of prehistoric past, present, and future. The Time Safari INC had managed that hunting with its rules and system. When they were in Time Machines Travis told others about the ecosystem. He told if a rat is killed eventually it would destroy fox, lion to civilization. Eventually, they saw the Tyrannosaurus ray that frightened Eckels much. He became too much nervous. It was very huge, ten tons heavy. Eckels was discouraged, not able to kill it. When the animal breathed there was thunder. When the guide allowed Eckles to kill but went out of the track. Travis and next guide killed the animal that made a sight like the fall of the mountain. Travis warned Eckels not obeying rules and his order. When coming to the present state from the past in time machine Eckels found great change took place. When they returned to time safari office, nothing was changed except alphabets in the signboards of the office. Instead of Keith, Deutscher was the president of America. Eckels found a dead butterfly on the bottom of his boot that made such a change in course of time. Eckels requested the guide, travels to bring him back to past so he would repair the damage of butterfly. Travis said that was impossible. In the end, there was shot of Travis but who was shot with the sound of thunder was not clear. The story ends “there was a sound of thunder.”

Interpretation: This story “A Sound of Thunder” is an example of science fiction. This story might be trying to focus on the destruction of the ecosystem and environmental mechanism due to the carelessness of human actions. The use of the time machine and its misuse points out the man’s inability to handle advanced technology. People are with various technologies yet they are not able to make proper handling of them. Next interpretation of the story might be a critique of modern society and the nature of human beings. In the name of humanity, rich people are ready to extinct rare species (animal). And to earn money people are ready to destroy the ecosystem and animal’s world. We can also interpret to “A Sound of Thunder” as blast and destruction of the environmental system. Again, the “butterfly effect” maybe another interdependent meaning of the story. This means a destruction of a butterfly may create an earth-shaking effect long with the ecosystem and balance. Chaos Theory has interpreted this way. In an ecosystem, the extinct of a mouse may starve a fox that makes to starve vulture and insects that will bring a problem to care men and the human race and a civilization ultimately. This essence of environmental closeness is presented in the story.

Critical thinking: This story gives a message about human existence, ecology and animal world. Human selfishness and carelessness have become main causes of destruction of nature all people are a fully money-minded and ready to-do anything for money and ready to destroy any species for the fun with the money. Still, we can disagree with some points. Is it possible disagreed to travel into the past and future being in the present? If it is possible to see about the future, wouldn’t it be very fruitful to take preventions of so many problems to arrive? But, the destruction of eco-system, butterfly-effects, and human carelessness are very much remarkable points mentioned here.

Assimilation: As I was reading this story, I felt as if I was watching a thrilling film. I also became very much puzzled how the people in safari could go in past and future. What time machine really was. As the quality of science fiction I got some beneficial points. I knew that our little mistake in the destruction of any creative like a butterfly may lead to having violent destruction eventually. It touched me a lot looking people who shot rare animals for fun and Safari Company was ready to do what rich people wanted to have because they could earn the money. The money-minded and stonehearted modern people made me feel very sad.

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