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Important Scientific Names for Zoology Practical – Biology Grade XI

Science Grade XI

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Important Scientific Names for Zoology Practical – Biology Grade XI

Important Scientific Names for Zoology Practical

Biology | Practical Exam
Important Scientific Names for Zoology Practical
For: Biology | Science Class 11

Here is the list of some scientific names for zoology practical test which are often asked by external teachers taking viva voice test.

List: [Common Name : Genus Species]

  1. Liver fluke: Fasciola hepatica
  2. Tape worm: Taenia solium
  3. Round worm: Ascaris lumbricoides
  4. Earthworm: Pheretima posthuma
  5. Leech: Hirudinaria granulosa
  6. Prawn: Palaemon
  7. Crab: Cancer
  8. Cockroach: Periplaneta americana
  9. Butterfly: Pieris
  10. Moth: Bombyx
  11. Spider: Aranea
  12. Scorpion: Palamnaeus
  13. Centipede: Scolopendra
  14. Millipede: Julus
  15. Garden snail: Helix
  16. Starfish: Asterias
  17. Rohu fish: Labeo rohita
  18. Frog: Rana tigrina
  19. Toad: Bufo melanostictus
  20. Wall-lizard: Hemidactylus
  21. Turtle: Chelone
  22. Pigeon: Columba livia
  23. Bat: Rhinolophus
  24. Squirrel: Funambulus
  25. Apple snail: Pila globosa
  26. Sea horse: Hippocampus
  27. Slug: Limax
  28. Parrot: Psittacula krameri
  29. Rabbit: Oryctolagus

While writing the scientific names , please remember the following:

  1.  First letter Genus should be written in capital and then all letters are small. Species is written in small letter. E.g.: Rana tigrina
  2. The scientific name should be underlined.

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