Letter Writing – Three Solved Examples For Exam | English Grade XI

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Letter Writing – Three Solved Examples For Exam | English Grade XI

Letter Writing – Three Solved Examples For Exam

1. Write a letter to a foreign friend giving an account of your village.

16 May 2005.

Dear Mike,
I received your letter yesterday. I’m glad to know that you intend to visit Nepal this autumn. My joy was doubled to know that you would like to visit us in my village for a day or two. My family and I will, indeed, be delighted to have you here with us. Ours is a small village, far from the main highway in the western part of Nepal. It’s name Simalpani. It lacks most of the modern amenities like electricity, tap water and telephones. One has to commute long distances to fetch water from streams and get the daily essentials. The houses are simple, made of mud and thatch. But in the scorching heat, they help us keep cool. So life is not all comforts here. But the discomfort is more than made up by the green hills surrounding it, unpolluted environment, pure and organic food. People are simple, honest and hardworking. They are helpful and live in peace and harmony. I’m sure you will enjoy peace and beauty of the village. I look forward to welcoming you here.

Yours lovingly

2. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily drawing the attention of the government to support the activities related to sports and music to encourage the young generation. (Suppose you are Gopal and your school’s name is Nepal Higher Secondary School Banepa.)

Nepal Higher Secondary
School Banepa
15th Asar 2068

The Editor,
The Rising Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Sir,
The future of any country is on the young generation of that country. If the young generations are eligible well-disciplined well educated the future of the country. If they are grown in enjoyable and creative environment, they would be creative in the future. Music and spurts such activities that make creative, mentally and physically fit, socially well-behaved. Therefore, I would like to attract the attention of the government to support the activities related to sports and music to encourage the generation. There is no doubt that sports and cultural programmes help the youths to build their personalities. The youths always contribute their contribution in revolution. But the government allocates little budget for sports and music activities. If the government allocates much, the youths will be encouraged in these activities. I would be highly grateful if you could print it in your newspaper.

Yours sincerely
Gopal Bhusal

3. Suppose you are Janu Sherpa from Solukhumbu and presently studying in the higher secondary school away from home. Write a letter to your parents telling them how you feeling in a new place.

9th Asar, 2068

Dear father and mother,
I was very happy that I got your letter yesterday when I returned from my educational tour. Last week we had an educational tour to Pokhara. We visited different place of interest in Pokhara. We enjoyed much by rowing boat on Phewa Lake. We went to Davis Falls, Mahendra Cave, Begnash Lake, Rupa Lake, and Bindabasini Temple. We also visited PN Campus too. We saw snow covered mountain picks Fishtail, Annapurna. I am staying with my friends who are from Dhankuta and Sunsari. My room partner is helpful and hardworking. Sometimes I feel difficulty in cooking food and clearing pots. I have to take tuition class and buy some books. Therefore send me some money at the end of this month. I am studying hard for the exam. I hope you are all well there and please convey my sweet love to little sister.

Yours lovely
Janu Sherpa

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