Administrative Management Principles - Principles of Management

Principle of Management

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Administrative Management Principles - Principles of Management

Administrative Management Principles

Administrative Management Principles:

This theory is concerned with management principles and function. It provided the process approach to management. The major contributors of this theory are Henry Fayol, Max Weber and L Urwick. This theory focuses on functions and skills that are need for management. It consists of:

  1. Administrative management Theory (Fayol ‘s Theory)
  2. Bureaucracy Theory (Max Weber Theory)

Contribution and Limitation of Administrative Management Theory:


  1. This theory serves as the foundation for the study of management function of planning, organizing, staffing , directing and controlling
  2. It serves as the guide for modern management behaviors.


  1. This theory has limited application in the complex and dynamic environment. Since it ignores the impact of environmental changes.
  2. This principle is mechanistic in nature, which cannot be applicable in modern management.
  3. This theory ignores the importance of human behaviors.

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