Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose - Summary | Major English Grade XI

Robert Burns

Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose

"Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose " was written by Robert Burns. This poem is about love, especially the western idea of love. The poet is in love with a beautiful woman. The beloved is a means to high emotion and physical separation from the beloved can be inspiring. The lover never dies even if the natural phenomenon stops working. This is the main theme of the poem.

The poet is in love with a woman. The beloved is very beautiful like a red rose in June. She is as sweet as the melody of the musical instrument played in fine-tune. The poet's beloved is very fine and slim. The poet loves his beloved till the seas are dried and rocks are melted by the heat of the sun. He loves her until the end of human life. Now the poet wishes for the good life and bright future of his beloved. He promises to meet her even if he has to walk ten thousand miles.

Theme / Analysis of “Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose”:

“Oh, My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose” written by Scottish poet Robert Burns is a romantic love lyric. This poem shows the ideal love and romantic passion of the poet towards his beloved.  The poet compares his love to a red rose that is newly sprung in June and to the melody that is sweetly played in tune. He claims that his love is deep and he will love his beloved till all the seas go dry and rocks are melted by the sun or till he will be alive. Then, he says farewell to her and promises that he will return even from ten thousand miles away.

Important Questions Solutions: 

1: What does the poet compare love to?
Ans: The poet compares love to a very delicate and beautiful red rose which is newly sprung in June and to the melody which is sweetly played in tune.

2: How long, does the poet say, will he love his beloved?
Ans: The poet says that he will love his beloved until the seas become dry and the rock is melted by the sun. He also says that he will love her till the human life remains on earth.

3: How do you think are poetry and music-related?
Ans: Poetry and music are related in many ways. Poetry is the written form of literature and it is read silently. If it is read aloud, it itself creates a kind of rhythm. The rhythm is a very important element of music. Music is produced from the musical instrument. The melody of music is liked by the people. Like poetry, melody is also a sound in a specific pattern. The music in the poem is a very important element. Without that quality, the poem becomes dull and dry. Therefore, music and poetry are interrelated with each other. In poetry, certain elements help produce music. These elements are rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, etc. In musics, the patterned sound produces a melody. Melody in music and the sound pattern created by rhyme or alliteration in poetry are the same things.

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