Style and Ideology - Summary of Styles | English

Chapter Eleven

Style and Ideology - Summary of Styles | English

Style and Ideology

Style and Ideology - Summary of Styles:

The style of a text is affected by the way of thinking of the speaker or writer. Every text bears consciously or unconsciously of a writer’s or speaker’s general view of life on their values, emotion and prejudice. The style is influenced by whom the speaker or writer are addressing in what tone and medium affect the style of text.

Ideology is the set of believes. It is a wider conception of life and values which seems natural to the speaker or writer. This can be clear when someone says terrorist rather than freedom fighter referring to the same person. These words refer not only the particular context but also to the wider ideological positions. Similarly, exploitation and law and order also refer to the context and the ideological disparity in perspective. Exploitation is taken as unjust control where as law and order is associated with the same power in appositive way. So, there are many words which are ideology charged. For example, when Margaret Thatcher says,

1. The kind of Britain I see would also defend its freedom.

Here freedom is ideologically charged. She is thinking of freedom of particular way but this is not explicit freedom implies a ‘form’, a ‘to’ and an ‘of’ which are not often made explicit.

2.  Of what, from what, for whom, to do what?

So, freedom is related to all these things. She is talking about the freedom of individuals, freedom from restrictions, and freedom for Britain to rise to the level of their own abilities.

Grammatically, relation is important to understand ideology. Ideology id the matter of grammar and the rate of function word is important because they occur in every text. Metaphorical language also should be understood. So, ideology is must often clearly indicated by what the speaker or writer takes as an obvious and assumes at the outset but often if it is not mentioned openly.

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