A Note on the Poetic - Summary of Styles | English

Chapter Twelve

A Note on the Poetic - Summary of Styles | English

A Note on the Poetic

A Note on the Poetic - Summary of Styles:

In this unit, we look at verbal mine in poetry as a typically literary figure of style, bearing in mind that it occurs in other kinds of text as well and is not exclusive to literature or poetry. In the beginning of the study of style was associated with the style of language used in literature. Such features can be found in other kinds of text. There are certain features of style found in artistic text particularly poetry, songs, raps, some advertisements and some comics. One of the common features of style found in artistic text is mime that contributes to the meaning of the words.

  1. Onomatopoeia: It is the use of words that imitates the sound associated with object or actions. It occurs quite often in comics. For example: ‘ding dong’, ‘crash’ etc.
  2. Blending Sounds: The poets often use combinations of sounds across several words to do similar things.
  3. Rhythm: Verbal rhythm is used to represent real life movements. We use stressed and unstressed syllables.
  4. Repetition of Sound: It is also kind of mime in which the words don’t directly imitate verbal meanings but make a memorable phrase. The repetition of sounds makes it musical and cohesive. For example: The God slot (repetition of ‘O, a vowel sound).
  5. Juxtaposition: It is the placing together of sentences or words in which the reader or listener make a connection with the ideas.

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