Notes on leadership- Principle of Management BBS 1st year

Notes on leadership

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Notes on leadership- Principle of Management BBS 1st year

BBS 1st Notes on leadership

Someone has to direct, lead, supervise and motivate employees, determine course of action, giving orders and instruction.

Leaders are the people who:

⦁ Lead the group or follower

⦁ Influence the behavior of others

⦁ Possess the leadership skill

⦁ Attain the organizational goals through their influence.

According to Dessler, “Leadership means influencing others to work willingly towards achieving objectives”.

Nature of Leadership;

⦁ Follower

⦁ Common objective

⦁ Situational

⦁ Ability to influence

⦁ Continuous process. Function of Leadership:

⦁ Directing: Leadership inspires and influences others to give their maximum efforts and cooperation for the attainment of group objectives. Thus, Leader share mission & goals, defining and set performance standard, explain plans, and decision and motivate employees to bring out the best of them.

⦁ Supervising and coaching: Supervision is concerned with the training, coaching and development of the group members. It includes the checkups required to assure the proper and prompt execution of orders, and thus it is also called controlling function.

⦁ Motivating: Motivating employees is another important function of leadership. It creates a good work climate along with a personal sense of belonging to the organisation, which helps to motivate employees toward their tasks.

⦁ Communicating: Communicating with employees is a necessary part of leadership function. Communication helps to generate ideas, create mutual understanding and coordination, so providing information and facilitating communication reduce conflict among group members.

⦁ Maintaining: Maintenance function is related to retaining the members in a group. It is concerned with providing safe work condition, good working environment in the workplace and addressing the grievances of employees and solving them in effective way.

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