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The Friendship Bond - Summary | Write to be Read

Mary Brown Parlee

The Friendship Bond - Summary | Write to be Read

The Friendship Bond

The Friendship Bond - Summary:

“The Friendship Bond” by Mary Brown Parlee is a report on the psychology today of friendship questionnaire that commands the attention of the answer from a large number of responders. She presents the theories about friendship giving us the statistics to support the conclusion she makes.

This report is based o the answers from more than 40,000 readers who were asked why they looked for in close friendship, what they expected of friends and how satisfied they were with the quality of their friendship appears to be a uniform of human relationship totally different from marriage and family relationship because it is defined and regulated by love and is also different  from social roles like citizens, employees, members of professional societies and other organizations because it enhances feelings of warmth, truth, love, and affection.

Trust and betrayal are the most important issues in friendship. Friendship takes place between people who are different in race, sexual preferences, religion, and ethnic background. Friendship doesn’t presume to be the source of dissatisfaction, stress, and loneliness. When people get older, the importance of friendship becomes bonding. Regarding the important quality of friends, loyalty and ability to keep confidences are most important along with warmth, affection, and supportiveness in which the features like income, age, and occupation were considered least important. The main reason for conflict between friends is the feeling of betrayed and different opinions than one’s. The essential components for friendship bonding include trust and accepting failures.

Activities of Friendship 

For sharing the internal feeling, it is necessary to have trust. Helping friends and getting help from friends are unalienable components in the friendship. The writer supporting social psychologist states that “Trust encourages self- disclosure i.e. showing both positive and negative qualities that help to deepen affection and trust.” 

Rules of Friendship

The most important rule of friendship is sharing intimate aspects of personal life and feelings. The next rule is to ask for help. Another is being alive and well, and being consistent with each other.

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