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Different Stages of Friendship - Summary | Write to be Read

Kiyomi Kumazawa

Different Stages of Friendship - Summary | Write to be Read

Different Stages of Friendship

Different Stages of Friendship - Summary:

The essay “Different Stages of Friendship” is written by a Japanese writer, Kiyomi Kumazawa. In the essay, the writer is talking about the stages of friendship encouragement, affection, support, trust, and kindness. When we have a good relationship with someone, it makes us feel happy and joyful and helps us to see how precious life is.

There are three stages of friendship according to the essay, i.e. new friends or acquaintances, true friends, and best friends.

1. New friends or Acquaintances: With a new friend or acquaintances we generally talk to, share specific views, qualities of friendship such as warmth and encouraging one another.

2. New Friends or Acquaintances: A true friendship would be a deeper relationship because we spend time together, sometimes have lunch, go shopping, or talk on the telephone. As a result, we have trust, understanding, and affection in our relationships.

3. Best Friends: In the best friendship relation, we do all we can for without expecting anything in return, and we sacrifice our time and energy in the need. A best friend will accept and respect us, keeps the confidence and be loyal to us. We share both shortcomings and positive things to each other. We share our serious problems, personal events and feelings accepting each other’s opinions because we value each other. 

Hence, there are many reasons for friendship such as familiarity, having things in common or having the same experiences. Friendship helps us to cope with the problems in our life.

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