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Mommy Wars, Part II - Summary | Write to be Read

About Working Mothers

Mommy Wars, Part II - Summary | Write to be Read

Mommy Wars, Part II

Mommy Wars, Part II - Summary:

The article “Mommy Wars, Part II” is about working mothers and stay at home and their decisions to work or not. The article indicates how seriously woman takes the issue of whether to work or to stay at home and take care of the children. For some of them, the decision is easy. Others mention the difficulty of achieving a balance between work and family, i.e. being able to do both, which means success. Others have conflicted feelings in terms of whether they want to work or they want to stay at home. The article tries to focus on an issue that women are very sensitive about.

1. The Case for Staying at Home: For some women, there are some of the cases to stay at home though they want to work. Some mothers have to raise the children up so they stay at home.

2. At Home, With Doubts: Some mothers are in confusion about whether to go for work for a better career, or stay at home to take care of children. Some of the mothers always indulge in the confusion.

3. Working Moms Fight Back: The article reveals that they stay at home means claim that working moms are selfish, unloving and don’t want to spend the time with their children. But it is unfair to assess on the mother’s love on the name of work, or staying at home. It is assumed that everyone has to do the right for the family and those choices must be respected and accepted.

4. Yet Some of Us Have to Work: For some of the mothers, it is the compulsion to work because they are single, and have to raise their children up with full responsibilities of taking care and creating the foundation for future.

5. What Your Kids Have to Say: The working mother should always be encouraged, and working doesn’t mean she is selfish because she works for a good life of her children. They work for survival.

6. Seeing Both Sides and Balancing It: Some of the mothers are able to manage both sides, i.e. taking care of the children and working for survival. The perfect mother tries to manage both sides though it’s challenging. The working mom doesn’t want to be only the wife of her husband and children’s mother- she wants her own identity to exist. The working mom believes that going back to work increases the level of confidence.

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