Rules of Checking Spelling - Link English Class 11

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Rules of Checking Spelling - Link English Class 11

Rules of Checking Spelling

1. Word having single syllable with single vowel before ending single consonant is doubled when we add any suffix.
Example: hit = hitting, run= runner knit=knitted

2. Two or three syllable word ending in single consonant followed by a single vowel is doubled.
Example: acquit = acquitter, begin =beginner, recur = recurring (qu = single consonant)

3. Final consonant of handicap, kidnap and worship is doubled.
Example: kidnap – kidnapped, worship = worshipped, kidnap = kidnapped.

4. Two separately pronounced single ‘l’ following single vowel is usually doubled.
Example: appal-appalling, travel= travelling, but duel= duelist

5. Final “e” is omitted while adding suffices.
Example: love = loving, move= movable, make= making

But ending in ‘ee’ ‘ce’ ‘ge’, suffix beginning with consonant, ‘e’ is retained.
Example: agree= agreement, agreeing, judge = judgment, peace = peaceful,
hope = hopeful, fortunate = fortunately

6. When suffix ‘full’ is added one ‘L’ is dropped.
Example: beauty + full = beautiful, skill + full = skilful

7. Word ending in ‘y’ after single consonant, ‘y’ changes into ‘i’ before any suffix added.
Example: carry + ed= carried, baby + es = babies, happily= happily
but carry =carrying.

8. ‘I’ comes before ‘e’ except after ‘c’.
Example: believe, sieve but deceive, receipt
Exceptions: eight, heir, reign, their, foreign, veil, weight, height, leisure, forfeit, seize

9. ‘ef’ or ‘fe’ becomes ‘ves’ when we add ‘es’ suffix.
Example: wife = wives, thief = thieved

10. Different between British & American spelling.
British American
centre center
labour labor
programme program
colour color
traveller traveler
skilful skillful
fulfil fulfill
a licence a license
to practise to practice

1. All the words below are spelt wrongly, write each of them correctly.
arguement, decieve, dieing, disapear, enquier, famouse, fulfill, grammer, imediately, nineth, queit , seperate, suceed, sucessful, writting, beleif, foriegn, greateful, knifes, untill

argument, deceives, dyeing, disappear, enquire, famous, fulfill, grammar, immediately, ninth, quiet, separate, succeed, successful, writing, belief, foreign, grateful, knives, until

1. All the words below are spelt wrongly, write each of them correctly.
replaceable, judgement, thier, liesure, carriing, skillfull, graceous, duely, truely, wifes, runer, recurring, duellist, repelent, center, labor, hieght, begining, handicaped, precious,

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