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The Trumpt of Conscience - Summary | Write to be Read

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Trumpt of Conscience - Summary | Write to be Read

The Trumpt of Conscience

The Trumpt of Conscience - Summary:

“The Trumpt of conscience” is a speech by an Afro-American black human rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. The speech was delivered in 1963. He worked for the rights of poor, Afro-American people and other minorities. Martin Luther King, Jr. can be viewed as the leader of non-violence and human rights.

In the speech, King has given three reasons that he has seen a connection between the war in Vietnam and the property in the United States.

i. US government had been efforts to help poor Americans through poverty alleviation programs that provided assistance in insuring basic fundamental facilities like education, nutrition, and employment. However, the decision to involve in the war swept away such efforts because all the money, men, and skills were eaten up by the war which was like an evil and destructive force.

ii. Besides taking care of the hopes and dreams of Afro-Americans at home, the country sent them to fight and die in higher proportions than the white people, Young men, who deprived of the facilities in their home, were sent thousands of miles to guarantee others’ rights that they didn’t have themselves.

iii. King told young people in the US that bombs and rifles would never solve their problems at home, and the solution relied on non-violence and peaceful co-existential life in the homeland.

Hence, the essay focuses on the stability of peace, assurance of fundamental rights and facilities, justice, harmony, tolerance, morality, equality, freedom, and, as existential, life, in the homeland.

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