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Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone - Summary | Write to be Read

Sam (Satyan) Pitroda

Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone - Summary | Write to be Read

Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone

Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone - Summary:

The article ”Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone” by Sam (Satyan) Pitroda, is about the role of technology in developing countries of the third world. He expresses his views on appropriate technology, i.e. technology which is suitable for the level of the development of the country. The writer gives a detail description of why telecommunications are important for third world countries. Telecommunication includes a means of communication. The writer gives a background of his life and how he got into the telecommunication business in India. He believes that it is important for third world countries to have an advanced telephone system because it not only helps the economy, but also helps for personal development.

i. The writer argues that advanced technology helps in water sourcing, sanitation, construction, agriculture, and other development activities.

ii. Modern telecommunications and electronic advanced information systems are appropriate technologies in every region of the world that still lacks water, food, and power. The reason is simply that modern telecommunication helps to fulfill the needs and demands of the people.

iii. Information Technology (IT) can end the cultural barriers, overcome economic inequalities and even compensate for intellectual disparities. Or, high technology can put unequal human beings on an equal footing and helps for comprehensive democracy.

The writer has given the example of Karnataka state, in which telephone services brought both economic and social benefits.

The writer considers that community telephone is the best instrument for social change and fundamental to the process of democratization.

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