Structures with Verbs / Jumbled Words

To be a sentence, there must be a verb e.g. go, stop. Before and after verb, there can be added different parts of speech. e.g. – noun, pronoun, adjective, article, adverb, auxiliary verb, preposition, connective

He was studying English for four years.
S +AUX+V5 +O + PREP+ADJ + N.

Where was he going?
Wh-word + aux + s+ V4?

In this way putting other parts of speech, to the either side of verb, a sentence is constructed. All the parts of speech have their certain place so when we reconstruct a sentence from jumbled words, we have to put them in their right place as illustrated above. Let’s learn from the example.


1. Put the words below in to correct order to make sensible sentences.
(a) years/she/ English/four/was/for/compulsory/studying.
(b) official/he/a/to/wanted/government/become.
(c) a/she/hospital/in/doctor/become/given/a/to.
(d) of/he/tea/her/him/cup /asked/give/a/to.
(e) his/he/to/had/dinner/started/just/eat.

(a) He was studying compulsory English for four years.
(b) He wanted to become a doctor in a hospital.
(c) She hoped to become a doctor in a hospital.
(d) He asked her to give him a cup of tea.
(e) He had just started to eat his dinner.

2. Put the words below into correct order to make sensible sentences.
(a) like/as/you/long/stay/as/can/you.
(b) if/i/paid/you/debt/would/be/well.
(c) being/are/the/looked/them/by/children/after.
(d) cars/both/to/decided/we/the/sell.
(e) i/while/having/news/the/breakfast/was/heard

(a) You can stay as long as you like.
(b) If you paid the debt, I would be well.
(c) The children are being looked after by them.
(d) We decided to sell both cars.
(e) I heard the news while I was having breakfast.


1. Put the following words in the correct order to make suitable sentence.
(a) wearing/she/a/be/dress/will/white.
(b) english/he/a/to/wanted/teacher/be/of.
(c) cricket/they/found/playing/of/are.

2. Put the following words in the correct order to make suitable sentences.
(a) does/her/have/what/she/hand/in?
(b) what/do/she/not/have/I/wants.
(c) of/he/tea/her/him/cup/asked/give/a/to.

3. Put the following words in correct order in order to make sensible sentences:
(a) his/he/to/had/dinner/started/just/eat.
(b) of/he/tea/her/him/cup/asked/give/a/to.
(c) a/she/hospital/hoped/in/doctor/become/to.