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Capacitor: Brief Introduction | Physics Grade XI

Capacitor Brief Introduction

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Capacitor: Brief Introduction | Physics Grade XI

Introduction to Capacitor


Capacitor is a circuit that consists of two conducting surfaces separated by an insulating material called dielectric. The two conducting surfaces are called plates of capacitor. The dielectrics are air, mica, paper, etc.

Capacitance of a capacitor defines as the ability of a capacitor to store charge is called its capacitance. The rise in potential difference between conducting plates is directly proportional to the charge given to them i.e. q α V => q = C V

Where C is constant of proportionality called capacitance of a conductor. Thus,

C = q/v

When v = 1volt, then C = q

Thus, capacitance of a capacitor is numerically equal to the charge required to rise P.D. by 1 volt. The SI unit of capacitance is Farad (F).

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