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Equilibrium - Short Question Solution | Physics Grade XI

Equilibrium Short Question Solution

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Equilibrium - Short Question Solution | Physics Grade XI

Equilibrium - Short Question Answers

Short Question Answers

a. The passengers in a small boat are not allowed to stand why?
The center of gravity (C.G) of a body should be as low as possible to be stable. if one stands on a small boat, the CG of boat raised up which makes it less stable because of which boat can turn over causing great injuries to passengers.
b. A table lamp has very large base why?
A body is in stable equilibrium when its CG is at the lowest position as well as the base of the body should be large. If the table lamp has a heavy base, its CG lies in a lower position. Again, when the base of the lamp is large, it makes the lamp more stable because even if the lamp is displaced, its body still lies within the base. So, A table lamp has a very large base.
c. Does the center of gravity in a solid lie within the material of the body, Why?
No, the center of gravity may or may not be within the body. In other words, it is possible that there may be no matter at the center of gravity. For example; Center of gravity of a circular ring.
d. Mention conditions of stable equilibrium.
To be in equilibrium, the following conditions should meet;
  • The Center of Gravity (CG) of the body should lie as low as possible
  • The base of the body should be as large as possible
  • C.G should lie within the base of the body on displaced position
e. State principle of moment.
Principle of moment states, "when a body is in equilibrium under the action of a number of forces, then the algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces at any point is zero i.e. sum of clockwise direction is equal to anticlockwise directions.

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