Passive Voice - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

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Passive Voice - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

Passive Voice

How to change an active sentence into a passive sentence
Subject is changed into object and object is changed into subject followed by ‘by’; be verb is added and main verb is changed into past participle.
Ram eats rice. ► Rice is eaten by Ram.
Ram ate rice. ► Rice was eaten by Ram.
Ram will eat rice. ► Rice will be eaten by Ram.

Present perfect Continuous/past perfect continuous can be made passive by using ‘get’.
He has been publishing a book. ► A book has been getting published.

The case of two objects
He gave me some money.
►Some money was given to me by him.
►I was given some money by him.


Subject You I He She It We They who
Object You Me Him Her It Us Them Whom

But if the object is benefactive object or complement object, it can’t be subject of the passive voice.
I cooked him meat. ► Meat was cooked for him by me.
I called him donkey. ► She was called donkey by me.

Generally, adverbs come after verbs in passive but some adverbs of manner and time may come before the main verbs.
They often eat meat. ► Meat is often eaten by them.
He paints the pictures nicely. ► Pictures are nicely pained by him.

Have/has to + v1 +…. = have/has to + be + v3
He has to write letters. ► Letters have to be written by him.
I have to help her. ► She has to be helped by me.
They are to do the homework. ► Homework is to be done by them.

Like, hate, remember in active;
Prem likes people praising him. ► Prem likes being praised.
I remember them talking about me. ► I remember being talked about me.

Is, am, are + going to +v1 = is, am, are + going to + be + v3
She is going to write a book. ► A book is going to be written by her.

Imperative: general order = Let + object + be + v3 and request and obligatory = object +be + v3 or you are requested/supposed to =v1 can be used. In instructive = object is/am/are + v3.
Write an essay. ► Let an essay be written.
Obey your elders.
► Elders should be obeyed.
► You are supposed to obey you elders.
Please, open the door.
►Let the door be opened.
► You are requested to open the door.
► The door should be opened.
First scratch the card. Next dial the numbers.
► First the card is scratched. Next numbers are dialed.

If there is not subject or object in Wh-question, Wh-word is used as subject. Who teaches you?
► By whom are you taught?
► Who are you taught by?
What damaged the crop?
► By what was the crop damaged ?
What is Sita doing in the room?
► What is being done in the room by Sita?

If there is infinitive after object in active, ‘to’ is added in passive; but not with ‘let’.
Our teacher made us do homework.
► We are made to do homework.
He let me work in her room.
► I was let work in her room.

If there is infinitive after object in active, ‘to’ is added in passive; but not with ‘let’.
Our teacher made us do homework. ► We are made to do homework.
He let me work in her room. ► I was let work in her room.

When there is verb + Preposition + object combination then, we sift preposition after verb in passive voice.
I must write to him. ► He must be written to.
You can play with this ball. ► This ball can be played with.

If there is people say, think, believe in active, it is said that…………is made in passive voice.
People say that Mr. Hen Raj Joshi is a gentle person.
►It is said that Mr. Hen Raj Joshi is a gentle person.
►Mr. Hen Raj Joshi is said to be a gentle person.
People said that he is helpful.
►It was said that he was helpful.
►He was said to have been helpful.

Having and being + V3/Get + object + V3
He hates people calling him early in the morning.
He hates being called early in the morning.
She loves people praising her.
She loves being praised.
You can have your car washed at that garage.
Where can I have my coat cleaned?
He got his shoes polished.
They got their demand fulfilled.

Use of Active and Passive Voice
When the doer is unknown or we want to hide the doer for some reason, we use passive voice.
(a)A lot of money was stolen.
(b)Prakash Koirala was killed in America.


1. Use the following verbs in the passive voice.
Example: write
Answer: A letter was written by him.
(a) publish
(b) send
(c) cheat
(d) arrest
(e) confiscate
(a) The letters were published by Ramila.
(b) Letters were sent to him.
(c) Ramila was cheated.
(d) The thief was arrested by the police.
(e) Those illegal things were confiscated.

2. Rewrite the following sentences using having or being whichever is appropriate.
(a) I hate people telephoning me early in the morning.
(b) I love people talking my photograph.
(c) I adore being giving me expensive parents.
(d) I love people bringing my breakfast to me in bed.
(e) I like having admiring my clothes.
(a) I hate being telephoned early in the morning.
(b) I love having my photograph taken.
(c) I adore being given expensive parents.
(d) I love having my breakfast brought in bed.
(e) I like having my clothes being admired.

3. Change the following sentence as shown in the example.
Example: Somebody’s watching us.
Answer: We’re being watched.
(a) Someone’s following us.
(b) Some men are pulling down the house.
(c) Another car’s overtaking us.
(d) Someone’s looking after the children.
(e) Two policemen are questioning the man.
(a) We are being followed.
(b) The house is being pulled down.
(c) We’re being overtaken by another car.
(d) The children are being looked after.
(e) The man is being questioned by two policemen


1. Change the following sentences as shown in the example:
We are being watched.
Somebody is watching us.
(a) The children are bring looked after.
(b) The cows are being fed.
(c) The prisoner is not being guarded.
(d) Is the tea being made?
(e)The car is not being used today.

2. Change the following passive sentences into active as shown in the example:
Example: The village has been developed as a tourist spot.
They have developed the village as a tourist spot.
(a) A star hotel has been built.
(b) The streets have been widened.
(c) The old cottages have been repaired.
(d) The large wall has been coloured.
(e) The elderly people have been cared well.

3. Using the information below, write a sentence each in the passive
(a) Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci-paint
Ans: Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
(b) Penicillin, Alexander Fleming, discover
(c) The pyramids, ancient Egyptians, build
(d) The sing Durbar was built in Rana regime.
(e) Muna Madan, Devkota, write

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