Comparison - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

English Grammar

Comparison - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI


Adjectives give more information about noun and adverbs give more information about verb. They both have three forms of comparison.

1. Comparison of adjectives
Leather is stronger than plastic.
=> Plastic isn’t as stronger as leather.
Cars are more expensive than motorbikes.
=> Motorbikes aren’t as expensive as cars.

2. Comparison of adverbs
I write more carefully than he does.
She can swim faster than I can.
They are working as hard as they can.

3. Comparison involving two verbs
He sings better than he dance.
That dog isn’t as dangerous as it looks.

4. Superlative form
Dolpa is the largest district of Nepal. She has the most beautiful voice. Generally we add ‘er’ or ‘est’ to make an adjective comparative and superlative. If the adjective or adverb has 2 or more than two syllable more, less and most; least are added before adjective or adverb. We put ‘the’ before superlatives of the after comparatives when used in sentences.

5. Rather:
Rather is also used to ask comparative question
Would you rather like tea or coffee?
Would you rather live in a city or village? etc.


1. Use the following clauses to from sentences:
(a) beautiful /country in the word (superlative)
(b) Clever person/in the class (superlative).
(c) Strange film/I’ve watched (comparative)
(d) Poodles/grey hounds/run. (comparative)
(e) Doctors/nurses/money (comparative)
(a) Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world.
(b) Mina is the cleverest person in the class.
(c) The film, I have watched today was rather strange.
(d) Poodles can run as fast as grey hounds.
(e) Doctors earn more money than nurses.


1. Write the correct form if the adjective in the blanks:
(a)The man with the black hat was………(heavy) than Armando.
(b)A cashier’s check is ………………………(good) than cash.
(c)He did not think that the girl was the ……………….(good) teller in the bank.
(d)He felt …………..(good) when he left the junkyard than when he had entered.
(e)After one………………..(quick) look at the man, Armando jumped off the bus.

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